Monday, June 2, 2014

Blog Tour - The Writing Process

My dear friend Erika from loveliveraw invited me to take part in a blog tour about the writing process. I have met Erika on instagram, where she shares beautiful pictures and writes about healthy living. Even if I have not met her IRL, she feels like a true friend. Here is her bio:

“My name is Erika and I'm a sailing chef, a true foodie and a health nut. I'm a high raw vegan (about 80%) and my biggest passion in life is creating and playing with new recipes. I've been a rawfoodie since october -12 and have never felt better. The health benefits are just endless. So here I'm going to share my recipes, most raw all vegan, information about “how and why” and also our ongoing project “Open New Doors” – a Raw Food café and a design shop, focusing on organic and sustainable decor, which will open on our farm in June”.

So now over to my writing process. I write everyday on my food and baking blog and also I have written two e-books about healthy treats. I usually don’t write long intros that lead to the recipe I’m posting, but sometimes I feel that the recipe has a story to tell, for example a childhood memory.  

1. What am I working on?
I work daily with my blog, creating recipes, taking and editing photos, and writing down the recipes. I have a creative mind and food ideas keep constantly popping out of my head, some of them better than others. Haha! Food inspires me, and I love to walk around the Farmers’ Market getting ideas to new recipes. The options are endless.

What I could work more on in my blog posts is to share personal happenings and thoughts from my life. Sometimes I get more personal and I think you appreciate it.

I have written two e-books about healthy treats and I have two more e-books on the way. I'm currently working on a book about healthy and easy food. It will be an introduction to a green lifestyle.

I arrange baking schools for children and I love to see the joy in the children when they get to be creative.

I take photos of my creations every day. I often have a vision ready in my head already before even starting to make the food, "this is how I want it to look" or "I want these colours", then I aim towards that vision in recipe planning and my photography. I think photography is a lifelong learning process. I have my own style and I can see my progress when looking at older photos.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I began blogging in October 2010 while living abroad in Singapore. It was from the support of my husband and my friends that gave me the courage to start blogging. My goal with my blog is to let people know that cooking food and baking is not difficult and that you can live a healthy and nutritious life on a vegetarian diet. I like to experiment a lot in the kitchen and use ingredients in baking that aren’t normally used, like avocados and beans. Even if these are now getting more used in baking. I like to think that I have recipes that inspire people and recipes that let them think outside the box. Giving them an “Aha! feeling”.  

I think living abroad has affected my style in food making. Finding the same ingredients as back home is not always easy and I often find new and interesting ways when trying out local ingredients. For me this has been a positive challenge, I think it’s great to try new things and to experiment in the kitchen is always something I look forward to.

3) Why do I write what I do?
Through my blog, I hope to motivate and inspire people and share my recipes. And I like the interaction on my blog, people telling me they have tried one of my recipes or how they have tweaked my recipes and made them their own. Giving and receiving!

4) How does my writing process work? 
My writing process is part of my blogging. There are several phases before I get to the writing part. 1. I have an idea 2. Write down the recipe 3. Shop the ingredients 4. Make the recipe 5. Take photos 6. Import and edit photos on my computer 7. Write down the whole recipe with instructions 8. Write a blog post.

Sometimes a recipe can be very dear and have lots of memories for me. That’s something I try to share with my readers in my blog texts. And also if I have eaten in a restaurant and want to recreate the food at home I want to share that with my readers. Sharing is caring, right? And I think it’s really important to tell when you are trying someone else’s recipe, to give credit to the recipe maker.

Let’s continue this blog tour and next week The Veggie Sisters from Greece will be writing about their writing process. Here is their bio:

“Hi! We are two sisters from Greece, Lenia and Manousina, who loves cooking healthy, delicious, vegetarian and energizing recipes! We want to prove that healthy food was never sooo yummy! Follow us on our culinary adventures! Let’s go!"


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